Large and medium-sized sewage treatment plants with high Nitrogen and Phosphorus content





A2/O Anaerobic-Anoxic-Oxic

On the basis of the principles of anaerobic/aerobic phosphorus removal system and anaerobic/aerobic nitrogen removal system, people proposed the A2/O sewage treatment system, which combines the two treatment systems to process wastewater through three biological treatment processes (A2/O): anaerobic, anoxic, and aerobic, achieving the goal of simultaneously removing BOD, N and P.


A2/O process flowchart


A2/O Advantages

Advantages: The A2/O process is an effective phosphorus and nitrogen removal process that is divided into three stages: anaerobic, anaerobic, and aerobic. In terms of phosphorus removal, the aerobic phosphorus accumulation of phosphorus accumulating bacteria is utilized, and anaerobic phosphorus release plays a role in phosphorus removal. In terms of nitrogen removal, nitrification is performed in the aerobic stage, and denitrification in the anaerobic stage plays a role in nitrogen removal. When the nitrogen and phosphorus content is relatively high, it is recommended to use it. It is widely used in domestic sewage treatment, especially in large and medium-sized sewage treatment plants.






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