Sequencing Batch Reactor

Sequential Batch Reactor activated sludge method is an activated sludge wastewater treatment technology that operates in an intermittent aeration manner, also known as sequencing batch activated sludge method.



The SBR technology itself is a type of activated sludge method, and the mechanism for removing pollutants is completely consistent with the traditional activated sludge method, but its operating process is completely different from the activated sludge method.

As a sequencing batch activated sludge process, SBR has the characteristics of both push flow, anaerobic aerobic operation, and intermittent inflow. In fact, SBR is a semi continuous intermittent device, which is different from traditional filled and discharged aeration tanks.



SBR Process Advantage

The SBR method system itself is also suitable for combined construction methods, which is conducive to the expansion and renovation of wastewater treatment plants.

Denitrification and phosphorus removal, with appropriate control of operating mode, achieve alternating aerobic, anaerobic, and anaerobic states, and have good denitrification and phosphorus removal effects.

The process flow is simple and the cost is low. The main equipment only has a sequencing batch batch reactor, without a secondary sedimentation tank or sludge reflux system. The regulating tank and primary sedimentation tank can also be omitted, with a compact layout and low floor area.






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